How Brokers Value Commercial Real Estate


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Have you ever wondered how commercial real estate brokers determine the value of commercial properties? In this informative video, Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM shares insights into the valuation process and what you should know when working with a broker. Whether you're a seller or a buyer, understanding the various types of values involved, such as the seller's value, buyer's value, and market value, is crucial. Jeremy explains how brokers consider appraisals, lender's values, tax assessor's values, and other factors to arrive at a comprehensive valuation. He emphasizes the importance of selecting a broker who demonstrates a methodology and proven process to determine market value accurately. By following this approach, you can make informed decisions regarding pricing and marketing your property. If you're interested in getting an evaluation for your commercial real estate, visit and request a consultation with the expert at Mansard. Subscribe to the channel for more valuable videos on commercial real estate, market updates, and insights. Values Mentioned in Video: Seller’s Value Buyer’s Value Market Value Appraiser’s Value Lender’s Value Assessor’s Value Broker’s Value Links Mentioned in Video: Why buyers underprice commercial real estate: • Why buyers underprice commercial real... How to Choose the Right Commercial Property Sales Comps: • How to Choose the Right Commercial Pr... How to Calculate Commercial Real Estate Value (My Cap Rate Trick): • How to Calculate Commercial Real Esta... ~~~~ Subscribe to MANSARD’s YouTube Channel: / @commercialreales... ~~~~ 6 Reasons Why People Are Selling in Today's Market: ~~~~ Connect with MANSARD on LinkedIn: ~~~~ Follow MANSARD on Facebook: ~~~~ Follow MANSARD on Instagram: ~~~~ Follow MANSARD on Twitter:

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