[CLIC] Connect with our Guest Eric Paulsen Part 2


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Taxes, Taxes & Taxes.... [CLIC] is the only Hotel Conference that focuses on the California Hotel Market and [CLIC] Connect is our official interview show. Joining the conversation today is Eric Paulsen Southern California & Arizona President of Kidder Mathews and we are discussing TAXES, Taxes & TAXES, Upland Loophole, Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA), ACA – 13 and The Assault on Proposition 13 and others. Please see the following links: https://www.ocregister.com/2023/08/25... https://timesofsandiego.com/opinion/2... https://www.naiopsocal.org/action-ale... We would like to invite Governor Gavin Newson, The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and other to join the conversation on [CLIC] Connect. Please tour our website and sign up for our Blog at cliconference.com. Transcript

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