The Built World: Episode 4 - Super Talls


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Welcome to the Empire State Building! Iconic to New York City’s skyline, we visit the people who have aided in this building standing the test of time. Anthony Malkin, CEO of Empire State Realty Trust kicks us off diving into the fundamentals of how ESB has evolved since it’s erection in 1931 to now navigating the challenging waters of the Coronavirus pandemic. We learn that the Empire State Building is one of the most efficient and healthy buildings in the world. Then, up on the 102nd floor of the building we chat with Dana Schneider, Head of Sustainability for ESRT who talks us through the buildings tech stack and sustainability journey. Before ending our trip we check out the observatory with Jean-Yves Ghazi, President of ESB Observatory. The Observatory has recently had an impressive revamp with experience at the forefront. Next we dissect the smart glass skyscraper with smart glass innovator, View Inc. With the ability to transform the entire facade of a building, View Inc, is a game changer in the world of supertalls. From controlling the indoor climate by either limiting or inviting sunlight into the space, to blocking uv rays and now transforming the glass itself into a screen display, this material can do it all. What does the future of supertalls look like? View Inc. just might have the answer. After visiting supertalls in Manhattan, we pack our bags and road trip up to Goshen, New York to meet up with Falconer Tom JV Cullen IV. Falconry is the art of training and using a raptor to hunt quarry for sport and what most people don’t realize is that New York City has the highest population of Peregrin Falcons in the world. Making their homes in the crowns of supertall buildings and bridges of the city, these birds of prey are an integral part of the city ecosystem.

Architecture, Development/Planning/Entitlements, Interior Design, Property Management, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
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Manhattan, Tri-State Area
New York City, Goshen

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