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Reach out to compound your money tax free. Learn more about 1031s or discuss working with 1031 Specialists.
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Watch Now to Learn the differences between reporters and journalists and how establishing relationships with both can be an advantage for your business and your industry news. Maximize your reach!
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The City of Chandler's (Arizona) Economic Development hosted their Infill & Redevelopment Forum to discuss their incentive plan and what we can expect in the southeast valley. Industry panelists gathered to discuss the current state of the market, redevelopment and what we can expect in certain areas of the east valley. For more information on their incentive plan, you can also reach out to the City of Chandler Economic Development's team here: You can also reach out to Commercial Real Estate Broker, Rommie Mojahed, Partner with CRE8 Advisors who specializes in the southeast valley. Email:
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It is a trending platform for all the Women in Commercial Real Estate. Listen to the Founder of the #womenincre platform & recognizable brand, Melissa Swader share insights on how it important it is for both women & men to empower the Women in #CRE. Learn on how you can join our Facebook group with almost 700 members, and participate in our national monthly calls. Watch how you can get featured on multiple social media platforms by becoming a part of our network.
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The UDOT (Utah's Department of Transportation) Land Auction begins February 22nd and ends March 1st. Be sure you check your local listings and get your broker to get registered so he/she can bid Online for you. There are 10 important parcels for development, residential and commercial real estate, so watch the quick video for details. Contact the brokers for more information. #UDOT #landauction #svnauctions #realestate #residential #commercialrealestate #development #onlinebidding
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I am proud to announce that my company, Ruby Red Media is in a partnership to help The Broker List & Buildout in their efforts to have everyone in the commercial real estate industry complete the 10-minute survey. The survey will provide your own professional insights & feedback to what you go through in your everyday business as a real estate professional Whether you are a broker, investor, tenant or in marketing, the feedback will provide great analytics. Results will be announced in February - Survey ends at the end of January. Win a chance at a $100 Amazon Gift Card by submitting your survey. #DNAofCRE #marketinginfluencer #commercialrealestate #promopartner #realestateanalytics #melissaswader
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NEW #VLOG - Do you know Carter Cane? What are you doing to build your personal branding on social media? You can spend all day posting to social media but that does not guarantee that anyone would recognize you or your name. So you need to focus on what separates you from the next person doing the same thing in your industry. I don't think you know Carter Cane but I bet, if you put the same energy in what "he" did, working on something that stands out for your niche, then you would be on your way in creating a recognizable brand on social media. Do whatever it takes to build around your brand! #YOUin22 #personalbranding #melissaswader #marketing #influencer #contentcreation #storytelling #marketinginfluencer
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Bringing another podcast episode of Real Talk with Regional Vice President, Steve Legendre, CCIM with Stirling Properties out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I sat down with Steve inside the Westgate Las Vegas Casino & Resort during the ICSC Here We Go conference for commercial real estate professionals around the country. We discussed the event, site selections, and more. Hear what Steve had to say about ICSC, the retail, industrial markets and what's in store for Steve in 2022. For more information, you can visit his listing site: #realtalk #podcast #commercialrealestate #icsc #stirlingproperties #louisiana #melissaswaderaz
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2021 LET'S GET SOCIAL - What everyone had to say - Aria Casino & Resort in Las Vegas Another year of the Let's Get Social event and it was amazing. So many #CRE professionals come together in our #CREcommunity to enjoy a couple hours of Happy Hour networking at the Aria Sports Bar. I wanted to put something together, with the help of the official photographer and Danielle Haney with DealPoint Merrill. Hear what some people had to say. ☺ A tribute to the hosts ,Linda Day Harrison with the Broker List and Sarah Malcolm with Quiet Valor. #cre #letsgetsocial #commercialrealestate #icsclasvegas #networking
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ICSC Las Vegas, 'Real Talk' with Sean Katona, Simplified Properties. Podcast host, Melissa Swader is bringing another episode from Las Vegas, Westgate Resort & Casino. Sean Katona, a California investor and commercial real estate professional shares some insight on owning retail properties in the east valley in Arizona. He has some big plans for 2022 and looking to invest in more properties. Watch now for the buying criteria and how to connect with Sean. Get connected on Social media:
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BIG NEWS- Watch Now!! The Women in Commercial Real Estate are trending! Connecting more #WomeninCRE and bringing big deals together across the country. #CRE #commercialrealestate
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SVN Auction Services announces the UDOT Government-Owned Land Auction for the the Utah's Department of Transportation. Managing Director, David Gilmore CCIM with SVN Auction Services is featured during the LIVE SVN Call hosted by the SVN International Corp. The video has been edited to include more details of the two featured properties located in West Valley City and Hurricane in Utah. With over 14 properties to bid on, the July 13th - July 20th bidding event will be a great opportunity for commercial real estate developers and residential investors looking to add to their portfolios. For more information, visit Or contact David Gilmore or Louis Fisher with SVN Alta Commercial, who are both working in cooperation with each other to organize the auction. #landauction #landopportunity #commercialdevelopment #residential #investmentopportunity #landforsale #svn
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Commercial Real Estate is one of the largest industries in the world. Meet the very Women in CRE who are trailblazing the industry in every capacity. Get connected to some of the most **AMAZING** Women in CRE across the world on the NEW Facebook group, Women in Commercial Real Estate. Be part of this amazing network of intelligent women (men are welcome to join too) that benefit from the group. BENEFITS: ✅ Post your Listings (City, State) ✅ Post your Tenant & Purchase Requirements ✅ Request Support and/or Share Best Practices ✅ Connect with other advisors - Co-Broker Opportunities ✅ Referral Opportunities / Build your pipeline ✅ Join in the CCIM, SIOR or CREW discussions ✅ Get Free Marketing Tips #CREmarketing #WomeninCRE #marketing #networking #CommercialRealEstate
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⭐️ Real Talk, Real Business, Real People - Inside the studio with America's commercial real estate tax expert, Jamie Pope. If you own commercial property or represent your clients in the CRE industry, then take some time to listen to some expert advice and information that helps commercial real estate industry professionals "Sell More Commercial Real Estate" From CARES Act and PPP to the 1031 Exchange and Opportunity Zones, you will not want to miss this episode, as it can help you save your clients money that helps you sell the property. #jamiepope #jpopetax #CaresAct #JPopetaxconsultancy #commercialpropertytaxes
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Inside the studio with 🔷Andrea Davis, CCIM🔷 and author of SimpLEASEity, a book designed to help every commercial real estate advisor learn about commercial real estate leasing. Her specialty in office, industrial and flex. Andrea also breaks down some insights regarding how her tenant representation & how she brings a full comprehensive service, saving her clients 10-20% in lease negotiations. She is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and can be reached directly here: ⬇️⬇️ | 480-225-0838 | Watch a quick video here: #marketing #commercialrealestate #andreadavisCCIM #podcast
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❇️ Join us to watch this amazing podcast show with Ingrid Tucker, landlord and tenant representative. Update: Ingrid Tucker is now working at Whitestone REIT in Scottsdale AZ. Inside this episode you will learn more about Ingrid, her recent achievements, her move into Commercial Real Estate and more. #podcast #melissaswader #realtalk #business #commercialrealestate
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Inside the studio with 2018 Producer of the Year, 2018 IREM/CCIM Broker Panelist and Retail Interface Panelist, and the 2020 Retail Broker of the Year with AZ Business Leaders magazine, Rommie Mojahed. We know that Commercial Real Estate in thriving in the State of Arizona and I sat down with Rommie to discuss the CRE industry, market trends, and what's next in CRE with one of the top brokers in the state. If you have any questions for Rommie Mojahed following this show, he can be reached at
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