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In this episode of Net Lease TV Chris interviews Jeff Thornton of Build Central at ICSC San Diego which took place around Oct 26, 2023. Build Central is an online application that can tell you who is developing a 7-Elevens, Walgreens, CVS's, Dollar Generals in the United States utilizing web scraping. Jeff takes Chris through a case study of the Build Central application showing Chris some up coming 7-Eleven Developments. Mention you learned about Build Central Application on Net Lease TV and Jeff Thornton and his associates will give you a discount. You can contact Jeff Thornton at (224) 804-0451 and his email is jthornton@buildcentral.com. Special thanks to Alex Deloach of Build Central for coordinating this interview at ICSC San Diego 2023 Contact Chris Marabella if you have questions about Build Central, Would like to advertise on Net Lease TV or have ideas for future Net Lease TV episodes. Chris Marabella - Cell (760) 803-6464, Email: nnn@marabellafinance.com

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